From Sultan Knish: ‘Universal Education Or Universal Competence’

Chris Navin

Full piece here.

One of the main targets here is the political Left in polemical fashion, and some folks on the Left deserve criticism as much as anyone:

‘The more you universalize education, the lower the value of that education becomes. When the goal of education is not to teach, but to graduate, then the educational system becomes a cattle run which exists only to move students through the system and then out the door through classroom promotion. The High School education of today is inferior to the Elementary School education of yesterday and the four year college graduate of today couldn’t even begin to match wits with a high school graduate from 1946.’

Diminishing returns.  Undoubtedly, the ground has shifted beneath our feet, and our educational institutions have not changed to keep pace.  This problem belongs to all of us.  Perhaps our educational system will be increasingly…

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